Married to the Mob…

An Offer I Could Not Refuse…

I’ve mentioned on the Writer Purge my genre kicks I get into.  The zombie/postapocalyptic phase has been fading but was relatively long-standing.  It was quickly replaced with a mafia infused interest.  I blame the National Geographic Channel’s new “Inside the American Mob” series.  It has snagged me!  I’m fascinated by the organizational structure and politics between the ruling families.  Part of the draw is the non-fictional element.  I’ve been pouring through (thanks to books, my DVR and AMC’s Mob Week) classics like Scarface, Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed, etc…  They are fictional works, but the documentaries and research on the mob lend them credibility.

I find that my interest in these two drastically different genres (postapocalyptic vs. mob) have commonality.  The attraction is based on sociology.  In truth, that’s where the story lives and dies.  It’s all wrapped up in the way people structure themselves in groups and then interact with each other.

My personal goal is to take the general appeal to social structures in these stories and embed them in my personal works.  That, and to eat more pasta.


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