The Urge…

The Writer’s Crossroad

Life has a tendency to sweep you up in a fury of change, dilemma and growth.  Sometimes the only way to survive and grow from it is to shed all unessential’s and focus on the tasks at hand. That as been my mode of operation for the last six months roughly (note the last post was in April!).  The good news is that I am out of the woods so to speak.  That is until work rears it’s ugly head once more and demands my full attention.  Having a full time career and pursing writing as a vacation can be troublesome.

One thing that never stops for the writer is the urge to write.  It’s always there nagging at you throughout every minute of the day.  Character ideas, dialog, story concepts, scenes, etc… All of it compares to tides of the ocean which constantly thrashes the shore’s edge.  To pacify this soul nagging urgency, I make a point to write something each day.  Journals are great for busy times in your life, plus it helps purge and clear your thoughts.

So now I find myself at a cross roads of what project to start.  I’ve been so deliberate about working on one writing project at time.  This is great from the standpoint of making progress but I’ve found it easy to burn out on a story quickly.  I’m thinking of switching it up and working on multiple projects at once.  My hope with this experimentation is that the diversity of the works will lend progress to one another.  It’s time to open my mind up to the idea that I don’t have to be writing on one thing at a time.  A linear mentality can’t be good for the creative process.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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